The Pilot Study Briefs provide synthesized findings from edtech pilots to help education leaders make evidence based product selection decisions. To find out more about which products work best in which context, explore the briefs below.

Avonworth Think Through Math Pilot Study Brief From Avonworth

The goal of Avonworth’s study was to provide students with an opportunity to increase foundational math skills at an accelerated pace to ensure proficiency.

South Fayette Finch Robotic Devices Pilot Study Brief From South Fayette

The goal of South Fayette’s study was to determine if we could deepen students’ understanding in computational thinking through computer programming and increase motivation and engagement in learning a programming language by having students program a robotic device.

Elizabeth Forward Apple’s Swift Playgrounds Pilot Study Brief From Elizabeth Forward

The goal of this pilot was to help students transition from block-base coding to text-base coding in 5th grade.