A collection of tools and resources to design and conduct pilots, analyze their collected data, and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources are references (publications, websites, etc.).

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Examples of Team Goals From LearnLaunch

This document considers examples of team goals as the discussion and identification of the team goal (or problem of practice) will drive the discovery and selection of products.


Friday Institute School Technology Needs Assessment From Friday Institute

This 25-minute survey should be completed by teachers to help school- or district-level decision makers better understand needs for technology.


NCES Needs Assessment From NCES

The National Center for Education Statistics Needs Assessment is a step-by-step process to help you identify gaps between your school’s current state and your vision for implementing new technology.


Better Edtech Infographic

Summary of Digital Promise’s 2015 report on the edtech marketplace.


Improving Edtech Purchasing

This report by Digital Promise contains recommendations for schools to improve their processes to find and purchase edtech products.


Priority-Vision-Goal Worksheet

This brief worksheet will help you set priorities and goals for your upcoming edtech pilot study.