A collection of tools and resources to design and conduct pilots, analyze their collected data, and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources are references (publications, websites, etc.).

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Cycle-based Budgeting Toolkit From Cycle-based Budgeting

The Cycle-based Budgeting (CBB) calls for a new approach to funding new initiatives or programs as well as tackling ineffective existing programs. Specifically, it provides a solution that allows districts to: 1) demonstrate alignment with districts priorities, 2) describe budget needs and intended use, 3) identify target measurable outcomes (either academic or non-academic), and 4) articulate time needed to achieve the target outcomes, which becomes the cycle for the program to be implemented and reviewed. By addressing the challenges districts face for budgetary decisions through Cycle-based Budgeting, the tool empowers educations leaders to make informed and tough decisions, with a goal of more optimal use of taxpayer money to improve student learning.


The EdSurge Guide to Choosing, Vetting and Purchasing K-12 Edtech Products From EdSurge

A compilation of articles about choosing, vetting, and purchasing edtech products, along with additional resources.


K12 Blueprint Contract Negotiations with Vendors From K12 Blueprint

A step-by-step guide for negotiating contracts with ed-tech vendors.


Digital Learning Now Procurement Guide From Digital Learning Now

A report outlining 12 keys to smart edtech procurement.


CBCSE Cost Toolkit From CBCSE

This tool is designed to facilitate the estimation of costs and cost-effectiveness of educational programs.