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Pilot Study Brief

South Fayette Microsoft OneNote Pilot Study Brief From South Fayette

The goals of South Fayette’s pilot were to explore the use of Microsoft OneNote to create customized instructional materials, to examine the usability of the OneNote as a collaboration tool, and to test the affordances of OneNote as an assessment tool.

Pilot Study Brief

South Fayette INVENTORCloud Pilot Study Brief From South Fayette

South Fayette used INVENTORCloud to introduce students to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in its 8th grade Technology Education classroom.

Pilot Study Brief

Elizabeth Forward Amplify Games Pilot Study Brief From Elizabeth Forward

The goal of the pilot was to get the students to play Amplify Games’ educational games outside of the classroom during leisure time.

Pilot Study Brief

Avonworth Puzzlets Pilot Study Brief From Avonworth

Avonworth’s pilot reviewed¬†Puzzlets learning affordances for communication, collaboration, creativity, and computational thinking in K-2 classrooms and evaluated whether Puzzlets provided an engaging alternative to other educational technology courseware.

Pilot Study Brief

Avonworth eSpark Pilot Study Brief From Avonworth

Avonworth School District ran a pilot to test the efficacy of the eSpark platform in providing engaging personalized learning content to help students of all levels make sustained academic progress, specifically in English Language Arts.


Lea(R)n Case Studies From Lea(R)n

Case studies about ed tech usage and efficacy from LearnPlatform research.

Pilot Study Brief

TenMarks: Summer Learning Study Brief

The results of a study where the goal was to maintain math knowledge over the summer for middle school students who opt into the program using TenMarks.

Pilot Study Brief

Mathspace: Summer Learning Study Brief

Results of a study where students were encouraged to use Mathspace (an adaptive math program that offers step-by-step feedback to students as they complete problems) for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Pilot Study Brief

eSpark: Summer Learning Study Brief

Results of a study where students were assigned to use eSpark for reading 30 minutes per day throughout the summer.

Pilot Study Brief

Amplify Games: Summer Learning Study Brief

Pilot results for study were students were assigned to use Amplify Games 30 minutes a day at home to practice literacy skills and prevent summer learning loss.