When reviewing potential products, districts must consider their IT environment, the scope of the pilot, the users’ level of experience using technology, existing research about the product, privacy features, and the available funding. Additionally, districts that involve educators in product selection see higher levels of educator engagement and technology implementation.

Being Prepared

“…[The] earlier the better in involving the teachers in the process. Instead of showing up at [a teacher’s] doorstep with, ‘Hey, here’s a new technology or device you can use in your instruction,’ [it’s instead,] ‘Here’s an invitation to consider how this device can help you serve your needs and the needs of your students.’”Dave Deramo, South Fayette Middle School Principal

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“Start [a pilot] with a class or two and make sure your infrastructure is ready to handle it. You have to make sure the wifi works for 30 [students] before you try it with 600.” Administrator, Mineola School District

Tools & Resources

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DCPS Sample Product Evaluation Rubric From DCPS

This rubric helps you compare different technology products to make the best decision for your school.


Evaluating Studies of Ed Tech Products

This tool will help district leaders evaluate studies on ed-tech product effectiveness in order to decide whether it is necessary to run a pilot.


Pilot Expectations Chart From South Fayette

South Fayette School District created this Expectations Chart to ensure their pilot of STEM Robotics was executed successfully.


Priority-Vision-Goal Worksheet

This brief worksheet will help you set priorities and goals for your upcoming ed-tech pilot study.


Balefire Labs From Balefire Labs

Reviews of over 5,000 ed-tech products.


Common Sense Education From Common Sense

Sort through ed-tech products on various criteria such as subject, grade, price, and purpose.


Ed Tech RCE Coach: Choose a Technology From Mathematica Policy Research, Inc

A guide to help you select the right technology for your school or district.


EdSurge Concierge From EdSurge

For a two-hour commitment at no cost, EdSurge Concierge will work with you to select the right technology for your school and connect you with technology companies.


EdSurge Product Index From EdSurge

A community-driven database of over 2,000 ed-tech products.


LearnPlatform Community Product Library From LearnPlatform

LearnPlatform’s database of ed-tech products, including teacher grades, is the largest in the country. It is broken down by categories including feedback, usage, impact, and price to help teachers select the best tool for their classrooms.


LinkedIn Learning: Betsy Corcoran on Choosing the Right Technology for Your School From EdSurge

This series of short videos will help you think about how to choose the right technology for your school or class.


SpotOn’s Digital Resource Review Database From SpotOn

SpotOn’s freely searchable database features teacher-written, rubric-based reviews and resource information for more than 1100 digital resources.


What Works Clearinghouse From Institute of Education Sciences

The What Works Clearinghouse reviews high-quality research in education in order to provide educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Tips for Success!

A list of tips
  • Establish and use selection criteria to compare products
  • Include educators in product discovery and selection

Where do you find information to guide your decisions on which ed-tech products to pilot?