Papers and Pencils

District leaders must first articulate the problem they hope to solve using edtech. The more specific this problem is, the easier it is to determine whether a product successfully meets that need.

Stay focused on students

“I think finding a resource that personalizes the content for each student… was important for us to find.” – Piedmont Teacher

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Tips for Success!

A list of tips
  • Keep student needs at the center when selecting ed-tech
  • Conduct a formal needs assessment
  • Make the need clear to everyone involved

Tools & Resources

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Friday Institute School Technology Needs Assessment From Friday Institute

This 25-minute survey should be completed by teachers to help school- or district-level decision makers better understand needs for technology.


NCES Needs Assessment From NCES

The National Center for Education Statistics Needs Assessment is a step-by-step process to help you identify gaps between your school’s current state and your vision for implementing new technology.


Priority-Vision-Goal Worksheet

This brief worksheet will help you set priorities and goals for your upcoming ed-tech pilot study.


Better Ed Tech Infographic

Summary of Digital Promise’s 2015 report on the ed-tech marketplace.


Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

This report by Digital Promise contains recommendations for schools to improve their processes to find and purchase ed-tech products.