Pilot Study Briefs - Edtech Pilot Framework

Pilot Study Briefs

The Pilot Study Briefs provide synthesized findings from edtech pilots to help education leaders make evidence based product selection decisions. To find out more about which products work best in which context, explore the briefs below.

ST Math Pilot Study Brief 
From Highline Public Schools

The goal was to study all digital tools to determine impact on student achievement in respective content areas as measured by standards-based metrics.

Legends of Learning Pilot Study Brief 
From Elizabeth Forward School District

The goal was to increase Science NWEA-MAP assessment scores across all three grade-levels and increase student engagement.

Front Row Ed Pilot Study Brief 
From Owsley County

The pilot goal was to achieve target weekly student growth, and increase the number of grade level standards that each student has mastered, as identified by the content provider, for nine consecutive weeks.

Electronics Unit using Raspberry Pi for the Technology Education Course 
From South Fayette School District

The goal was to pilot the design of an electronics and manufacturing unit to be embedded into a technology education course for grades 9-12, utilizing Raspberry Pi and extensions.

Newsela Pilot Study Brief 
From Talladega County Schools

Talladega County’s goal for this pilot was to increase volume of reading within the classroom and, in turn, increase overall reading achievement.

Woot Math Polls Pilot Study Brief 
From Institute of Education Sciences and Woot Math

The pilot goal was for Woot Math Polls to support mathematics teachers in more frequently administering and more effectively using formative assessment in their classrooms.

Woot Math Rational Numbers Units Pilot Study Brief 
From University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Minnesota, and Woot Math

The study’s goal was to improve student understanding of rational number concepts and operations, and achievement on rational number assessments.

Achieve3000 Pilot Study Brief

The goal of Cajon Valley’s pilot was to improve reading outcomes for English Learners at risk of becoming Long Term English Learners.

BrainPOP ESL Pilot Study Brief

The goal of Vista’s pilot was to find a tool that supports their middle and secondary newcomers practice language development and grammar skills.

Think Through Math Pilot Study Brief 
From Avonworth School District

The goal of Avonworth’s study was to provide students with an opportunity to increase foundational math skills at an accelerated pace to ensure proficiency.

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