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Tools & Resources

A collection of tools and resources to design and conduct pilots, analyze their collected data, and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources are references (publications, websites, etc.).

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Classroom Implementation Guidance 
From Highline Public Schools

This resource, developed in partnership with Highline Public Schools, provides a thoughtful implementation discussion framework to support your team when implementing a new edtech in a classroom, school, or district.

MassNET Pilot Cycle 
From LearnLaunch

A brief infographic explaining the LearnLaunch MassNET piloting process.

School Pilot Prep Checklist 
From LearnLaunch

This checklist for schools covers all the “to-do’s” before piloting, from IT resources, training, communication, and scheduling.

MassNET Beginning of Year Teacher Interview Protocol 
From LearnLaunch

This brief interview protocol focuses on teacher readiness to use technology.

LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys 
From LEAP Innovations

The LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys are designed to measure the teaching practices and classroom conditions that enable personalized learning, ask teachers about their practices, and students about their classroom experiences.

MassNET End of Year Teacher Interview Protocol 
From LearnLaunch

This brief interview protocol focuses on teacher reflections on technology and personalized learning.

Site Observation Planning Protocol & Summary Tool 
From Citizen Schools

A document to guide and collect data during site observations by a member of a pilot team.

Teacher Monthly Ratings 
From LearnLaunch

These logs take approximately 5 minutes and are a good way to track teacher experiences and product ratings over time as well as collect open-ended responses.

Product Dossier Template 
From iZone NYC

Pilot organizations or districts can use this template to create a one pager with the most important information about products being considered for a pilot.

Product Review Guidelines 
From iZone NYC

This document serves as a comprehensive quick-start guide for teacher teams to compare products ahead of making a selection for a pilot.

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