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Before the pilot begins, allow time to establish student accounts, orient educators to the tool’s features, and provide information about troubleshooting and support services. To encourage consistent implementation, identify a pilot coordinator to conduct weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with educators to gather data and encourage use.

Support Educators

Tips for Success!

A list of tips
  • Ensure educators have a specific point of contact for accessing technical and instructional support
  • Offer guidance on how much time students need to engage with a tool in order to see impact

Tools & Resources

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Lea(R)n Research-based Rubric for Grading Ed Tech From Lea(R)n

LearnPlatform’s peer-reviewed edtech grading rubric provides structure for educator feedback and insights on products with context.


Teacher Weekly Implementation Checks

A four-question survey for teachers to assess implementation during a pilot study.


Fulton Job Description From Fulton

A school district job description used to advertise for an ed-tech pilot coordinator position.


Teachers as Researchers: The Power of Mindset

Tips from a teacher about how to conduct action research in your classroom.


Three Ways to Help Teachers Use Research

Helpful suggestions to create a culture of research and data use at your school.


Vista TOSA Job Description From Vista

An example list of requirements for a Pilot Program Manager and Facilitator role in Vista Unified School District.