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Tools & Resources

A collection of tools and resources to design and conduct pilots, analyze their collected data, and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources are references (publications, websites, etc.).

For definitions of our taxonomies, see our About section.

Vancouver Public Schools Digital Advisory Team’s Guiding Questions 
From Vancouver Public Schools

Developed by Vancouver Public Schools, this resource provides guiding questions that the district’s Digital Advisory Team uses to make procurement recommendations.

Vancouver Public Schools Digital Resource Review Process 
From Vancouver Public Schools

This resource, developed by Vancouver Public Schools, maps out the district’s digital resource request process.

DAT, DIT, DET Resources 
From Vancouver Public Schools

As part of the district Design II Chapter 2 strategic plan, multiple district teams have worked together to develop new processes for evaluating and integrating digital content and services. This memo seeks to explain these new structures and processes and what you need to do if you are considering the purchase of most types of digital content and services. The goal of these new systems is to ensure that new digital content and services will work as intended for users.

MassNET Pilot Cycle 
From LearnLaunch

A brief infographic explaining the LearnLaunch MassNET piloting process.

School Pilot Prep Checklist 
From LearnLaunch

This checklist for schools covers all the “to-do’s” before piloting, from IT resources, training, communication, and scheduling.

Goal Setting 
From LEAP Innovations

This resource is an example of defining goals and guiding implementation.

Planning Your Implementation Guide 
From iZone NYC

This guide will help educators plan their pilot implementation through discussion questions and an organizer to keep everyone on track.

Our Process 
From Highlander Institute

This document provides a brief overview of Highlander Institutes’ process for facilitating edtech pilots and supporting educators to adopt the best practices of personalized learning.

Cohort Support Discussion Focus Areas 
From Citizen Schools

An overview of key discussion topics for pilot leaders meeting across school contexts to share practices and provide feedback to each other.

Merit or Marketing? Evidence and Quality of Efficacy Research in Educational Technology Companies 
From Edtech Academic Efficacy Symposium: Working Group D

By understanding the extent and quality of research conducted by edtech companies, this report intends to identify strategies to improve the support and accountability for reliable, research-based development of education technology tools by developers.

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