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Tools & Resources

A collection of tools and resources to design and conduct pilots, analyze their collected data, and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources are references (publications, websites, etc.).

For definitions of our taxonomies, see our About section.

Evaluation Taxonomy 
From Learning Assembly

The Learning Assembly Evaluation Taxonomy describes various types of evaluations as well as examples of engaging with educators and learnings, in real life education environments, with products and practices designed to demonstrate a positive effect on student learning, teacher practice, and/or learning environment.

How to Make Sense of Mixed Results? 
From Ed Tech RCE Coach

This case study considers a decision making process at the conclusion of a pilot with mixed results.

Are We Measuring the Right Outcome? 
From Ed Tech RCE Coach

This case study considers types of evidence to collect when piloting instructional technology.

How Do We Interpret Developers’ Claims? 
From Ed Tech RCE Coach

This case study reviews strategies to thoughtfully interpret developers’ impact claims when analyzing and deciding.

Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale (Short Form) 
From Fives and Buehl (2010)

The Teachers Sense of Efficacy Scale is a general self-assessment to measure self-efficacy.

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