Edtech Pilot Framework

The Edtech Pilot Framework provides a step-by-step process to help education leaders and technology developers run successful educational technology (edtech) pilots. Check out each step to hear from district leaders, learn helpful tips, and find relevant tools and resources.

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Identify Need

Papers and Pencils

Articulate the specific need 
or challenge your district is 
trying to address so you can 
determine if the piloted edtech 
meets that need.


Discover & Select


Evaluate various products based on factors like existing research and pilot scope, so that you can choose a product that matches your need.



A tablet showing planning software

Create specific goals to ensure a shared vision, identify data that will be used to determine success, and create shared expectations.


Train & Implement

teachers sitting around a table

Ensure teachers are provided training, technology support, and instructional coaching to enable a strong implementation of the new tool.


Collect Data

charts and graphs

Collect quantitative and qualitative data through surveys, interview and more to determine whether the pilot goals are met.


Analyze & Decide


Analyze data to evaluate if the piloted edtech tool met your goals and to determine whether to purchase, continuing piloting, or discontinue use of the tool.


Negotiate & Purchase

Speech balloons showing a laptop and a school

Work with the edtech provider to understand and negotiate the total cost of implementing the tool. Remember to consider ongoing costs.


Summarize & Share

Megaphone talking about software

Share results with participants 
in order to foster transparency, build trust, and to support 
other schools and districts in their decision making.

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The Pilot Study Briefs provide findings from school district-led edtech pilots to help you make product selection decisions based on evidence.

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